WSBK Mandalika Does Not Affect the Number of Tourists to Sade and Ende

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PHOTO OF ANIS PRABOWO JOURNALIST KORANLOMBOK.ID Peresean Action by two Peresean Fighters in Sade Rembitan Village, Pujut District, 28 November 2022.

LOMBOK – The number of international events that have been held some time ago in the Mandalika Special Economic Zone area did not have a major impact on the number of tourist visits to Sade and Ende at Rembitan Village, Pujut District.

Sade Tourism Hamlet Tourism Awareness Group chairman Sanah Adinata said, many events held did not affect the number of tourist visits this year.
“In terms of World Super Bike (WSBK) and other events there has been no significant increase this year,” said the journalist of, (28/11)

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Adinata hopes that in 2023 the number of visits can increase further due to the holding of various events in the Mandalika Tourism Area.

Sanah also said parking space became important when the surge in tourists increased, he hoped that the local government or related stakeholders could help with this.

“We lack parking space, we here apply an entrance fee with donations so we can’t build parking lots, please pay attention to related parties,” he hoped

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“A week before the event it usually starts to get crowded, coincidentally WSBK was not as busy as like MotoGP,” continued Tourism Hamlet Tourism Coordinator Ende.
Andi explained how Ende Hamlet’s tourism efforts carry out promotions, one of which is by collaborating with travel agents.
“We don’t apply tickets here, but we are connected with travel agents who are sold in tour packages,” he said

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Where, tourism in the hamlets of Sade and Ende not only presents the traditional sasak environment but also various kinds of cultural attractions such as Gendang Belek and Peresean performances.
Besides that, various typical Sasak souvenirs such as woven fabrics, t-shirts and other creations by hamlet residents can be a choice of souvenirs for visitors.(s)

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