Investors Determined to make West Nusa Tenggara the Archipelago’s Meat Barn

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DISKOMINFOTIK PHOTOS of West Nusa Tenggara The Governor of West Nusa Tenggara, H. Zulkifliemansyah while cutting the ribbon was inaugurated at the Banyumulek Slaughterhouse in West Lombok, Thursday (29/12)

LOMBOK – Head of the West Nusa Tenggara Agriculture and Animal Health Service, Khairul Akbar revealed that the West Lombok Banyumulek Animal Slaughterhouse has been inactive for 5 years. But this time, West Nusa Tenggara Government has found investors who are really serious about investing.

“For the first day there were 50 slaughtered. Thank God, Atra Begawan Nusantara Limited Liability Company is very serious. This is evidenced by the development of Banyumulek Slaughterhouse. Several buildings have been renovated, including vehiclesthe company has also added 5 hectares of land next to the Banyumulek Slaughterhouse,” said Khairul Akbar, Thursday (12/29).

He explained, Limited Liability Company. Atra Begawan Nusantara does not only work alone, but also embraces related parties, such as the Sharia West Nusa Tenggara Bank, related agencies, as well as the surrounding community and breeders.
“With the seriousness of Limited Liability Company Atra Begawan Nusantara, we are optimistic that West Nusa Tenggara will become the meat barn for the archipelago in the future,” he said

Meanwhile,President Commissioner of the Limited Liability Company. Atra Begawan Nusantara, Major General of the Indonesian National Armed Forces Arie Triono admitted that he had dreamed of developing animal husbandry in Indonesia, especially in the field of beef processing.
“I hope my dream can be realized in this Banyumulek Slaughterhouse,” he hoped.

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The retired Indonesian National Armed Forces admits that he is concerned that as an agricultural country with a tropical climate, Indonesia still relies on imports. Starting from importing rice, salt, even meat. from that, the former aide to President Abdurrahman Wahid wanted to become an entrepreneur in the livestock and meat processing sector.
“I am also determined to make West Nusa Tenggara a meat barn for the archipelago in the future,” he said.

Arie also hopes that the Governor of West Nusa Tenggara, Zulkifliemansyah, will gather all the heads of departments and leading sectors involved in achieving these goals. So that West Nusa Tenggara as a center for meat storage for the archipelago is not just a dream.

“Limited Liability Company. Atra Begawan Nusantara will never be in debt to breeders. As soon as it is weighed, it will be paid immediately. So neither the company nor the breeders will be harmed,” he said firmly.
On the one hand, he is targeting March or April 2023, Limited Liability Company. Atra Begawan Nusantara has been able to slaughter 3,000 head of cattle at the Banyumulek Slaughterhouse. Meanwhile, target for daily slaughter is 200 head of cattle.
“Besides local cattle, we also import cattle from East Java, even exotic cattle from Australia,” he promised.

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In the same place, Director General of Veterinary Public Health, Director General of Livestock and Animal Health of Indonesian Ministry of Animal Husbandry, Samsul Ma’arif said, he was optimistic that West Nusa Tenggara would succeed in becoming a supplier of quality beef. because currently, West Nusa Tenggara is one of the leading provinces in the development and processing of beef.

“What needs to be considered, starting October 17, 2024, all business units must have a halal certificate. This includes limited liability companies. Atra Begawan Nusantara at the Banyumulek Animal Slaughterhouse must also have a halal certificate from the Indonesian Ulema Council,”

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The governor of West Nusa Tenggara, H Zulkieflimansyah, who attended the initial cutting ceremony, was very grateful for the Limited Liability Company’s trust. Atra Begawan Nusantara chose the Banyumulek Slaughterhouse as a partner. because all this time, it is very difficult to find investors who are really serious about managing the Slaughterhouse.
“In the past there were potential investors, the sultan too, but it was only a plan. We just rolled out the red carpet when he traded,” he quipped.

With a Limited Liability Company. Atra Begawan Nusantara in West Nusa Tenggara, the Governor also believes that West Nusa Tenggara will become the meat barn for the archipelago in the future. Because he considered, Limited Liability Company. atra Begawan Nusantara is very serious about investing in managing the Banyumulek Slaughterhouse.
“So there will be no more stories that cattle from West Nusa Tenggara are sent to outside slaughterhouses, then the meat will be sent here again at a higher price,” he said.(s)

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