The Mini Museum of Songket Fabrics Educates as well as Assists Digital Marketing of Woven Fabrics in Sukarara

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PHOTO OF ANIS PRABOWO KORANLOMBOK.ID Dana Indonesia held a history and digital marketing workshop for weaving business actors in Sukarara Village, Jonggat District, Central Lombok, Sunday afternoon (8/1).

LOMBOK – A workshop on history of Sasak woven fabric and digital-based platform marketing strategies was attended by ten people from various backgrounds. Among them, teenagers, women from around Sukarara Village, Jonggat District, Central Lombok Regency, female students, and independent arts organizations.
This activity is supported by the Indonesiana Fund together with the Ministry of Education and Regional Government Administration Reports. The activity took place at the Sensek Warlami Barn Secretariat, Dasan Baru Hamlet, Sukarara Village, Sunday afternoon (8/12).

Where, the workshop is one of a series of inclusive art project activities that aim to empower women with the theme, “The History of Yarn and the Story of Sasak Women,” which starts from November 2022 to February 2023.

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“We are trying to provide literacy to the community, both from the philosophy and also connecting it with technology through the songket cloth mini museum,” said Project Leader, Irma Septiana.

The mini museum is in the form of a framed poster showing various kinds of woven cloth motifs accompanied by a QR code that connects with social media links, complete with explanations of the woven craftsmen.

Irma explained, the project will be further developed and it is possible that it will be carried out in other areas in Lombok which also have their own unique style and philosophy.
“So this is our first step to approach the existing culture, it is possible that we can also go to weavers in Prenggasela, Sembalun or Gerung,” explained Irma.

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In this workshop, it will not only teach about weaving but will further discuss philosophy and values regarding cloth patterns and rituals.

“In this ritual it is meant to pray to the almighty so that the creator can smoothly make the work,” said one of the speakers from cultural elements, Yusuf.

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Besides that, with this ritual to avoid various kinds of disturbances, including the weavers themselves when they have difficulties in making works.

Added, the owner of gallery and art shop Lumbung Sensek Warlami Khairunnisa hopes that with this activity the future young generation can get to know how the weaving culture is not only in its activities, but also the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat exist.
“I hope we can work together again on how we can motivate these young people to be more interested in weaving,” he hoped.(s/nis)

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