MIXUE Halal certificate in Lombok Questionable

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SPECIAL PHOTO OF KORANLOMBOK.ID Residents of Central Lombok stand in long queues in front of entrance to MIXUE store that just opened to west of Regional Drinking Water Company Office

LOMBOK – Ministry of Religion appealed to residents of Central Lombok Regency to be careful when buying food and beverage products. Especially for food or drinks that have not pocketed a halal certificate or profit.
recently opened MIXUE Ice Cream & Tea originating from China in Praya City. The shop is open to the west of the Central Lombok Regional Drinking Water Company Office.

“We urge residents to be careful buying food and drinks that don’t yet have a halal profit,” said Head of Binmas Islam of Central Lombok Ministry of Religion, H. Suparman when confirmed by Koranlombok.id journalists, Tuesday afternoon (10/1/2023).

Explained Suparman, until now the company has not registered to take care of halal certificates or labels for food or beverage products.
“No one has registered yet,” he said.
According to existing regulations, every food and beverage company in the area must register if the food and drinks sold comply with the provisions. in order to find out whether the food or drink is guaranteed to be halal and can be consumed, especially for Muslim community. Especially in Lombok or Central Lombok, the majority are Muslim.

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“Those who take care of halal certificate can register it at the Halal Product Assurance Organizing Agency,” he said.

For this reason, Suparman asked the company or the MIXUE brand to immediately register their beverage products with Central Lombok Ministry of Religion. to ensure that the food or drink sold has a halal label.

Previously in the city of Mataram as well. Chairman of Indonesian Ulema Council of West Nusa Tenggara Province, Prof. Saiful Muslim also spoke up. He suggested Mixue Ice Cream & Tea to be tested by Indonesian Ulema Council for the Assessment of Food, Drugs and Cosmetics. the reason is, currently being viral on social media is being questioned because it is suspected that they have not pocketed a halal certificate. While it is known that in the city of Mataram, sales are increasingly mushrooming.

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According to Prof. Saiful Muslim, even though he has obtained a permit from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency, where it is only limited to a permit suitable for distribution, it is not necessarily suitable for consumption by public, especially those who doubt halal.

“So there is a difference, if he is the one who issues authority for food distribution at Center for Drug and Food Control, if he wants his products to be widely known or purchased by public, then he has to take care of halalness of his products at the Food and Drug Research Institute,”he told Koranlombok.id journalists, Tuesday (3/1/2023).

He explained, for product halalness at the Research Institute for Food, Drugs and Cosmetics, Indonesian Ulema Council issued a statement that the product was halal. the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency cannot guarantee halal-haram, only conducts a proper test of the product so that it is suitable for release to the public or not.

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Prof. Saiful explained, to make it better, it must also be accompanied by product halalness. For this reason, it is hoped that people can differentiate and have no doubts.
“The goal is not to force people not to buy non-halal products. But the sign that it is halal so that Muslims do not doubt the point,” he said.

“So we don’t force company to include it as halal, no. That’s their business. but we guard our people so they don’t buy food and beverage products that are not listed as halal, because it is doubtful that we are not saying it is haram but to protect our society,” he continued firmly.

While so far, Indonesian Ulema Council of West Nusa Tenggara Province has not received any complaints from the public regarding this matter. Besides that, the company has not been able to confirm.(s)

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