11 Regions in Eastern Indonesia Witness the Hybrid Solar Eclipse Phenomenon

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A hybrid solar eclipse occurred in Indonesia, Thursday (20/4/2023). Hybrid solar eclipse phenomenon can only be witnessed in 11 regions of eastern Indonesia, especially Maluku and Papua.
Meanwhile, a hybrid solar eclipse consists of two types of eclipses, namely an annular solar eclipse and a total solar eclipse. Here are some things about the April 20, 2023 hybrid solar eclipse.
Definition of a hybrid solar eclipse is quoted from the website of the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency, a hybrid solar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth are exactly in lineso that, in a certain place, there is an event that the disk of the Moon observed from Earth is smaller than the disk of Sun.
Meanwhile, from certain other places events of the Moon’s disk observed from Earth are same as the Sun’s disk. As a result, during the peak of the eclipse in a certain place, the sun will appear like a ring, which is dark in the middle and bright on the edges. whereas in certain other places, the Sun seems to be covered by the Moon.
There are 11 regions that will experience a total solar eclipse on Thursday (20/4/2023).
However, the peak time of a total solar eclipse varies by region. This is the region and the peak time of the total solar eclipse.

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Maluku Kisar Island: 13.22 – 13.23 WIT (1 minute 10 seconds). Maopora Island: 13.24 – 13.25 WIT (0 minutes 59 seconds). Damar Island: 13.27 – 13.28 WIT (1 minute 24 seconds). Watubela Island: 13.40 WIT (1 minute 5 seconds). West Papua Antalisa Islands: 13.44 – 13.45 WIT (1 minute 11 seconds). randepandai: 13.50 – 13.51 WIT (1 minute 1 second). Roswar: 13.51 – 13.52 WIT (0 minutes 57 seconds). Island Num: 13.54. – 13.52 WIT (1 minute 5 seconds). Papua Wooi: 13.54 – 13.55 WIT (1 minute 11 seconds). Serui: 13.54 – 13.55 WIT (1 minute 11 seconds). Biak City: 13.56 – 13.57 WIT (1 minute 5 seconds).

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For a solar eclipse, it is not a sign of the beginning month of Shawwal. A researcher at the National Research and Innovation Agency Andi Prince said that a solar eclipse is not a sign of the beginning of the month of Shawwal.(dk/s)

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