Cable Car investors Say There is No Certainty from Regional Government

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PHOTO OF DIKI WAHYUDI JOURNALIST KORANLOMBOK.ID This is how Mount Rinjani was photographed in 2014.

LOMBOK – Investors for the cable car construction project to Mount Rinjani are starting to open up about the obstacles they face. Problem is said to exist in Provincial Government of West Nusa Tenggara and Government of Central Lombok Regency.
Public relations PT. Indonesia Lombok Resort (ILR), Ahui revealed, from the internal company he claimed there were no problems. But recently company faced a problem. where, there is still no clear information regarding widening of the road promised by government from which point to start, then to the end at which point of road widening.

“We must have certainty where exactly widening of the road is, our government will build a road to the basecamp location,” he told journalists, Sunday (14/5/2023) evening.

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Ahui revealed that last time his party held a meeting at Provincial Office of Public Works and Spatial Planning. Meeting discussed widening the road, but strangely there was no definite decision regarding who would widen the road. whether provincial government or Central Lombok District Government.

According to him, if there has been a decision on who will fund the construction of road there must be a discussion first in the House of Representatives so that funds can be disbursed. Even estimate takes 1 year or more.

“So we only want a cooperation agreement between our company and Public Works Spatial Planning Office, both the provincial and district governments regarding road widening, then we can proceed with design for road construction,” he explained

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Ahui mentioned, the point of problem we are currently facing has not received certainty or a design plan that company has submitted for months. The aim is to ensure certainty from l government for road widening.

Meanwhile, internal investors have reaffirmed that there are no obstacles.investors have not yet started construction because they have to return the country to hold meetings with company partners who are building the cable car, in order to discuss construction planning and discuss surveys for boring layers of soil.

“The essence of discussion has been repaired three times so that the solution is more precise. There is also a discussion regarding the existing provisions and regulations in Indonesia so that there is an understanding and common perception. So that’s why the discussion took a while,” he said again.

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Furthermore, it is necessary to know investment value of investors is not small. There is 2.2 trillion investment value. In fact, as a form of its seriousness, this Chinese company has paid fees for utilization of nature tourism services to West Nusa Tenggara Regional Revenue Agency of IDR 5 billion.

“is clear that at the end of May our cable car team will come for second physical survey because yesterday’s first survey was a broad survey using drones, not specifically the survey,” he concluded.(s/dik)

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