Ahead of WSBK, Hotel Prices Doubled

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Hotel Pullman di Kuta Mandalika, Lombok Tengah NTB

LOMBOK – The governor’s regulation regarding standardization of hotel prices ahead of the World Super Bike (WSBK) and Indonesia Asian Talent Cup (IATC) events is considered not to be fully understood. This affects the increase in hotel prices.

WSBK and IATC events this year which will be held on November 11-13 at the Mandalika Circuit. This is the second season for the WSBK event in Indonesia. which previously became the initial learning and evaluation of all parties in Indonesia in the world motorcycle show which was still not mature in its preparation.

But not wanting to repeat it a second time, the governor with his regulations issued a circular, in which hotel prices should not soar during an event in West Nusa Tenggara. However, this is considered a wrong thing and has not been fully understood by policy makers.

Chairman of the Mandalika Hotel Association (MHA), Samsul Bahri revealed, the high demand for hotel rooms would certainly be very influential considering that in the Governor’s Regulation the price set was considered not in accordance with the considerations and calculations as applied in hotel business management.

“Yesterday, all of us hotel managers meet with Head of the West Nusa Tenggara Provincial Tourism Office, meaning that yesterday’s discussion was just sharing and the provincial government was confused after we explained how the hotel prices were published, meaning that we proceed according to the mechanism as followsshould be,” he said.

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“This Governor’s Regulation was issued because it was suspected that it was a disappointment from both the state-owned agency and the governor was forced to make this Governor’s Regulation. Even though they did not know the standardization figures for hotel prices were issued on what basis until such figures emerged,” he added.

After his party explained this, the tourism office was confused by the scheme to determine hotel prices that have business laws and formulations. And on average, the hoteliers who are called have not been able to accept these rules.

Samsul stated that, his party is still only doing sharing considering there are still many debates. What is said is normal prices, starting from standardization of bars 1, 2 and 3. Then there are read and normal prices. Given in this context can not be drawn the same way.

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In one condition, this price can also increase and decrease. Especially yesterday for a big hotel during a discussion with the tourism office

quite a lot. Considering that his party also does not immediately bring up the price, it appears suddenly without clear consideration.

However, this matter is still subject to further discussion, evaluation and monitoring in the future so that it will be better, and more on sharing useful information.

Samsul questioned the world of the hotel business, let alone three months, even a year before the event the price could change. considering that the target audience, the number of viewers, as well as the variables and ticket prices and travel agents can be mapped.


“The first experience was in 2021, so in this second year, I hope that all of us and the government learn from the previous event that our reasonableness is not optimal, so that next we will be better,” he hoped.

Current conditions in 2022 are slightly different from post-covid-19 conditions. Where our business is normal, and fans and spectators can be normal and can come, even there will be many spectators.

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the readiness of MHA with 65 hotels in the association as many as 2500 rooms, and data on hotel rooms in the Loteng can be up to 5000 both homestays, guest houses and even five-star hotels.

“MHA is ready and because we are in the first ring and 3-5 stars, it is inhabited by crew and officials and half of it by sponsors and EO spectators,” he explained.

“We are more optimal preparing in this WSBK. It used to be half open. Now the power is full and maximum,” he added.

Now the consideration of all parties must be smart to read the market. Don’t be fooled again. Don’t let the price be high and when even, there are still empty rooms. And he still appealed to all MHA members to maintain a good name.

“Current prices, per day, the estimated conditions are below 50 percent starting from Rp. 400 thousand, then for the President Suite room it is Rp. 900 thousand. If the occupancy of hotel rooms is above 50 percent, the price goes up to 20 percent,” he explained. (s)

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